Intensive Driving Courses in Sunderland

Is an Intensive Driving Courses in Sunderland for you?

In a hurry to pass the driving test? Prepared to put your life on hold to achieve it? An Intensive Driving Course from EasyPass is the answer. With one three-hour lesson every day, in just a fortnight you will have accumulated over 40 hours of tuition. Which could very well bring you up to pass standard.

Speed is not the only advantage of our Intensive Driving Courses in Sunderland each lesson builds directly upon what you’ve learned in the previous one with no need to spend time catching up again at the start of a lesson. You’ll also find your confidence increases more quickly. Your success becomes the focus of your life and of our specialist instructor’s attention.

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Fully Qualified Instructors
2 Hour Lessons
Male/Female Instructors
Outstanding Tuition


Fully Qualified Instructors
2 Hour Lessons
Male/Female Instructors
Outstanding Tuition

What’s involved in Intensive Driving Courses in Sunderland?

You’ll have lessons from one of the EasyPass team’s highly experienced instructors who specialise in Intensive Courses. They have applied their know-how in guiding hundreds of leaners who have chosen this fast track route to a pass.

Intensive driving courses in Sunderland can take between one week and two-to-four weeks. You can choose to take them in blocks of 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours of tuition. The longer periods are ideal if you’re an absolute beginner; the shorter ones can help to develop your skills leading up to the test.

What is the right package for you? Your instructor will take you on a two-hour driving assessment. Then they’ll agree with you the sequence of driving lessons to gain the ability to drive with confidence and safety… all in the shortest feasible time-span leading up to the driving test.

To enable you take your test as soon as possible after completing the course whilst your knowledge is fresh, we will not only book the test for you before the first lesson, but actively look for cancellations so we can seize the opportunity. That’s the kind of service you can expect from EasyPass .

How EasyPass makes it quick and easy

You can look forward to the best possible intensive driving course experience, because it’s totally built around you – in the right place, with the right person, in the right kind of car

The right place Our home territory is the North East. As well as arranging intensive driving courses in Sunderland, we also cover Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Gateshead and South Tyneside. Wherever is most convenient for you, we’ll make sure we cover routes in proximity to the city’s driving test centres. Busy city streets, suburban avenues, country roads, dual carriageways – we’ll make sure you’re familiar with all driving situations you’ll encounter on the test.

The right person Our expert, locally-based instructors are chosen and trained for their ability to put you at your ease even when you’re in a rush. Every one is a Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructor. All are passionate for you to pass.

If you feel you would rather have lessons with a female instructor, our corps of specialists teaching on the Intensive Driving Course in Sunderland includes both men and women. Just tell us your beforehand, and we’ll arrange it. Our office staff are always here to help.

The right car You can choose either a manual or automatic version of the Intensive Driving Course. Although cars with a manual gear change are the norm, some students find it takes time to get used to co-ordinating a gear lever and clutch, and time is at a premium on an intensive course. With only an accelerator and brake to manage, taking an intensive automatic driving course could be a faster, smoother route to a driving licence. But bear in mind that an automatic driving licence does not permit you to drive a manual transmission car. Whereas with a manual licence, you can drive an automatic, too.

Book now Our instructors’ friendly, expert style means you can look forward to lesson after lesson on the intensive route to an easy pass. Get started by booking a driving course now.