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Prepare for your B+E Test with our Trailer Training

Gain confidence in your skills with our Trailer Training covering Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham and all the surrounding areas, and avoid the risks of towing a trailer without the required license. At EasyPass our team of experts, will help you pass your trailer driving test in no time.

No matter what your level of skills are, we have different training packages available to suit your skills and you can just start with an assessment lesson. Our courses cover all the relevant aspects of towing, such as:

  • Towing law
  • Hitching and unhitching
  • Loading
  • Stability
  • Reversing
  • Safe handling of trailers and caravans

Choose between the different options available below and get your Category B+E licence to legally tow large trailers, caravans and horseboxes. Ordinary Category B car licences obtained after the first of January 1997 are required of this extra category to do so, and towing a trailer without the required entitlement can incur on insurance invalidation. As a consequence of this, you could get a fine and even a penalty on your driving license points.

Avoid any risk and choose between a five, ten or fifteen hours training programme (test included) and get ready to drive a trailer legally.

If you want more information on what to expect during your B+E test, please visit the documentation available on the DVSA website.

Trailer Assessment Lesson


Trailer Training 5 Hours including test


Trailer Training 10 Hours including test


Trailer Training 15 Hours including test


**********INSTRUCTORS WANTED**********
If your looking for a driving school to look after your needs during this difficult time then get in touch with EasyPass Driving School.
-All of our franchise fees have been cancelled whilst this crisis is on and WONT be asked to pay.
-We have extremely high levels of work in Newcastle/Gateshead/Sunderland and South Shields.
-Franchise fee only £60PW

Its All About The Teamwork Our Driving School Is Owned And Run By Driving Instructors For Driving Instructors

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