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With EasyPass Driving school offering lessons in either a manual or automatic car, what are the benefits of choosing the automatic option? .

Many learners tell us they quickly get used to being behind the wheel of an automatic car because of its ease of operation. Then they feel more comfortable when it comes to taking the driving test. So choosing to learn at an automatic driving school in Sunderland is certainly worth considering.

All of our team of driving instructors based in and around Sunderland are experienced in teaching how to drive automatic cars as well as manual.

If you like the advantages, decide on automatic. And book today.

What you’ll learn at an automatic driving school in Sunderland

You may find it quicker and easier to learn to drive an automatic car. In a manual car it can take a while to get accustomed to co-ordinating gear lever and clutch. In contrast, you only have to operate the accelerator and brake in an automatic car. So you’re off to a flying start.

This can help people with certain kinds of disabilities. And none need bother about a gear lever when accelerating or decelerating. The car does the work you, automatically. That a blessing in stop-start traffic as you’ll quickly find on the road with your automatic driving school in Sunderland.

Manual cars have advantages, too – somewhat better fuel efficiency and reliability compared with automatic versions of the same model, because the mechanisms are simpler. In wet or icy conditions, they give more control. It’s worth knowing that a manual licence permits you to drive an automatic car, too, whereas an automatic licence only entitles you to drive an automatic car.

Increasingly, the market trend is towards hybrid and electric cars. These are all automatic. That may be why a big proportion of younger people now increasingly prefer learning at EasyPass, their local automatic driving school in Sunderland.


Fully Qualified Instructors
2 Hour Lessons
Male/Female Instructors
Outstanding Tuition

Get on course to an automatic pass

​The choice of EasyPass driving school automatic courses, locations, and instructors in and around Sunderland is so broad and flexible, you can tailor how you learn exactly to suit your needs, abilities, and ambition.

The courses Does the idea of a relaxed introduction to driving appeal to you? Our Automatic Beginner’s Course is designed for learners with no previous driving experience. Each no-pressure, two hour lesson takes place in-car and gets you up to speed to make the most of our standard course. No problem, and no pressure. You can buy lessons singly or in blocks which earn you a discount.

Maybe you’re in a hurry and like the idea of our Automatic Intensive Course. Our team of expert instructors have applied their know-how to successfully guide hundreds of leaners who have chosen this fast track to a pass. First we assess your abilities, then we agree with you the right package of driving lessons – from one to four weeks – with a focus on mastering the skills to drive an automatic car with assurance and safety in the shortest period possible.

The locations As your local automatic driving school in Sunderland we’ll make sure you get to know the busy streets, avenues, country roads and dual carriageways convenient for the city’s Driving Test Centre. So you become familiar with all driving situations you’ll encounter on the test.

The instructors Every one of our tuition team is a Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructor. All are selected and trained to be calm, courteous, considerate, and good communicators. All are passionate for you to pass. But if you happen to prefer a female instructor for your automatic lessons, we’ll be happy to arrange it.

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Our no-fuss approach will quickly build your confidence as well as your driving skills. Get started by booking an automatic driving course at our school now.