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Pass Plus Course

At EasyPass you can take further advanced driver training once you have passed your driving test, by taking a pass plus course with one of our registered instructors. The course is a minimum of 6 hours and there is no test at the end of it. Pass Plus is about gaining more advanced experience, for example on motorways, which you cannot learn in a 'practical' way before you pass your driving test. Once you have taken the course you will be issued with a certificate and this may help you get a car insurance discount.

Pass plus 6 hour course is £150.00

Under 17 Driving

No licence required

Available from the age 14+

You will be taught how to fully control a car in a controlled safe traffic free environment without the pressure of other road users ensuring a fun enjoyable experience.

30 Minutes £30.00
1 hour  £50.00

Taxi Driving

EasyPass can offer driving tuition in the North East to help prepare candidates for a Taxi Driving test, both Hackney Carriage and Private Hire.
Candidates for Taxi Driving Tests would benefit from a course of driving lessons to refresh and update their driving skills in order to ensure that they pass the Taxi Test.

Taxi Lesson Prices
1 hour £22.00 per hour
10 hour block £210.00 £21.00 per hour

Refresher Lessons

Has it been a while since you last drove a car? Just passed but still a little unsure about certain aspects of driving? Perhaps it's motorway or night driving? Then our refresher course is perfect for you.

Your instructor will tailor the course according to your individual needs and can assist you with:

  • Night driving
  • Motorway driving
  • Roundabouts
  • Parking (reverse manoeuvre)
  • Traffic signs
  • Speed awareness

Refresher lesson price 1 hour £25.00

The sooner you start; the sooner you'll be a more confident and safer driver.

To Book a Driving lesson today please text "CALL ME" to 0738 869 8155 you can also fill in our online contact form and a member of our team will call you back within 1 hour.